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A suburb in the bush

The Morialta Residents’ Association was formed in 1968 by a group determined to protect the unique qualities of their special corner of Rostrevor.
It was then still largely undeveloped – only 30 houses compared to today’s 140 – and retained strong links with the bushland from which it had emerged and the adjoining Morialta Conservation Park.

The new residents of what, in 1968 was known as Rostrevor Park, saw the need for an active  community group to guard against insensitive, inappropriate and polluting development.

They recognised the unique characteristics of the area and were determined to preserve them for future generations. Now, with aggressive urban infill blighting so much of suburban Adelaide, Morialta remains an invaluable reminder of why our urban landscapes need preserving and protecting.

Objectives set in the MRA constitution are to:

• preserve and enhance the indigenous qualities of the area

• prevent ugliness arising from development or neglect

• promote public awareness of factors affecting the environment

• make representations to local authorities regarding works, amenities and services

• co-operate with other bodies having similar aims.


The MRA keeps residents up to date with current community news and developments via its Facebook page »
A newsletter and flyers are also letterboxed, along with email alerts, whenever necessary.

Our history

The original history of the MRA was compiled by noted SA historian and resident Elizabeth Warburton. "The Making of Morialta: from Farm to Suburb" was published in 1982. The book is out of print but reference copies are available through local libraries.
A short account of the MRA's activities from 1968 to 1975, written by Elizabeth Warburton, can be downloaded here »
A later history covering the period 1984-2009 was compiled by Owen Burgan.
You can read it here »

Built heritage

Renowned SA architect Bob Dickson, a tireless advocate for Morialta since he moved here in 1950, was one of the driving forces behind the MRA's establishment and landmark successes.
He died in 2014 but left a legacy of stunning mid-century residential architecure, evident in 10 houses, including his own.
• The suburb Bob built »

• Take a closer look at one of Morialta's iconic mid-century architectural gems »

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