In early June 2007, members of the MRA observed a “For Sale” sign offering 30 hectares of privately owned land, known as Lot 100, that should always have been an integral part of the Morialta Conservation Reserve.

This land included the whole north eastern face of the Morialta Gorge from the entrance to the Reserve and parts of Fourth Creek. In some parts of the Park, walkers were actually trespassing without knowing it!

Morialta Residents were progressively joined in their spirited public campaign by other lobby groups and a number of State and Federal members of Parliament. A determined media campaign helped swing the Government’s decision in favour of the Park.

The eventual purchase provided enough land to take the boundary of the Reserve to the top of the northern ridge of the Morialta Gorge – what the MRA has called the “natural boundary” of the Reserve – and to have the length of Fourth Creek finally back in public ownership.

The purchase ensures that the Park’s natural attributes are preserved, that inapproriate use and development of an area facing into the park is prevented and that unimpeded public access to the deeper area of the gorge is maintained.

Extending and protecting Morialta Conservation
Residents' Association

Morialta Residents' Association 2017


The detailed story of the MRA's campaign to secure lot 100 is in our History Section


Most of what you see here was private property and walkers were unaware that they had probably been trespassing.

Lot 100 and the adjoining Lot 101 were the subject of a long and determined campaign by the MRA to extend the boundaries of the Morialta Conservation Park.

Magnificent bush in the Morialta Gorge along Fourth Creek, the route of the entry road and walking path, parts of which were private land.


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