Install energy efficient globes, they can save up to 80% energy.

Cool between 23-26 degrees in summer and 18-21 degrees in winter. Each extra degree can add up to an extra 10% to your energy bill.

Turn appliances off at the wall when not in use. Standby power can add up to 10% extra to your energy bill.

Shade your windows in summer and close curtains and blinds in winter to reduce heat loss.

Get solar PV or hot water installed. The solar feed in tariff is now 8 cents per KWh.
Find out more about solar and rebates:
Solar panels
Solar hot water

Choose Green Power from your energy retailer.


More Green Living ideas

Green Living

In Morialta, we are lucky to be living in a natural environment so close to the city. We encourage our residents to live 'greener' and at the same time save money.
Here are some tips:

Residents' Association

Morialta Residents' Association 2017

Tips for energy efficiency and cost savings in your household.
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